Denver, which is the capital of Colorado, is a county and city in the United State of America. The city has a rich historical background and can be traced to as far back as the 1800s. the city was named after the Kansas governor James Denver.

Denver has a population of over 700,000 people and has three other counties around it; Adams, Jefferson, and Arapahoe counties.

Due to its closeness to the mountains and the sunny weather of the city, Denver has become a tourist attraction for people that want to go skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, and kayaking.



Denver’s closeness to Rocky Mountains makes it an ideal sport for people who have one passion during the winters; skiing. The mountains provide good grounds for every type of skiing enthusiasts. Resorts have been built to satisfy the multitude of skiers.



Regardless of the size, style or shape of the resort, some certain conditions need to be met to make the resorts worth staying. Some of these conditions are:


Cleanliness: Nothing beats this. You can have the latest gadgets, fly your guest in with helicopters, and even have champagne waiting at the door. If the rooms aren’t clean, the resort might as well cease to exist. No one likes dirty bed sheets or used towels by previous guests

Service: Okay, the rooms don’t have roaches roaming the carpet or food stains from months ago. The next best thing is the service. Do you need to wait hours or minutes before room service responds? Is the staff courteous and friendly?

Comfort: This can also separate the resorts that will always have guests from the one that has to put an ‘out of business’ placard. Are the beds as soft as they should be, or do you wake up feeling you spent the night outdoors? Do you wish to remain when your stay is over or you decide to cut short your holiday? The hotel also has to have amenities that will make the guests feel more comfortable.

Condition: This is not referring to how old, but, how well kept is the resort. The resort could have been established a while back but has been kept in pristine condition.



Denver has some of the best resorts and hotels in the state. These hotels supply quality services to their guests. Some of these hotels include:

Ritz-Carlton: Ritz-Carlton is a skyscraper with 38 floors and over 300 rooms. It was formerly known as Embassy suites and apartments and was built in 1983.

Winter Park Resort: This resort was built to cater for the winter visitors that came to ski on the mountains surrounding Denver. It has ski programs for both children and adults.




Denver is a city that’s known not just for its beautiful mountain resorts but also it has gorgeous recreation parks and entertainment venues. Some of the recreational parks are the Cheesman Park, Genesee Park, and the City Pak. It also has a recently created recreation center called Carla Madison Recreation Center. Denver is a city filled with art galleries, museums, and nightclubs

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